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About Louise

“I feel so blessed to be able to share any knowledge and skills that I have learned over the years. As a trained teacher I feel equipped to ensure my charges consistently learn something at each session. I thoroughly enjoy encouraging, inspiring and nurturing all who choose the artistic pathway”

The Studio Environment

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning to suit comfort needs
  • Fridge space available
  • Multiple teas and coffee supplied along with milk and pre-packaged snacks
  • Worktables, chairs, and limited table easels available for use

The studio tables and chairs are cleaned between classes as well as common area cleaning. An air filter and an antibacterial atomiser are used. Hand sanitiser is available for your use. The studio is adequately ventilated to allow for fresh air to fill the space. An outdoor area is available for use weather permitting.

Classes 2022

Suitable for any level of experience

Regular classes are offered in basic drawing, foundations, soft pastel, and extension ideas

Classes will operate in a series of blocks covering a pre-set theme. I am proposing a month on, a month off regime this year

Class days will be mornings on Monday 9 -11am, Tuesday 9-11am and Thursday 9.30 -12.30, and evenings on Monday 6.30 – 9pm

Classes begin the week starting Monday February 7th. Classes will operate February, April, June, August, October and December. This may be subject to change.

Register your interest here Louise Corke

For information on the themes please click below.

2022 class themes

Workshops 2022

January 2022


3 workshops are offered in a relaxed atmosphere of encouragement and support
10 – 3pm

  1. Portraits from life – 4 days – choose your days
  2. Working with real objects – 3 days
  3. Working with pens – 1- or 2-day options

January Art School Document


Australian Pastel Expo

Caloundra Queensland Australia

August 31 – September 4, 2022

Louise Corke Artist Statement

My eyes drift across my studio space. Each painting speaks to me, sharing their story. I linger in the memory of that moment of creation, and of my attempt to express my connection to this subject.

The sound of the paintings talking to me though clear has a strangely surreal quality to it. I feel they have a life form of their own, birthed upon my canvas as I give each respect and appreciation. I see and hear people whose hearts unlocked silently as I painted. Flowers that swayed and swooned in response to my love for them. Landscapes that unveiled their secrets, and waters that babbled incessantly of their journeys and adventures.

I value and am enamored by the point of connection between me and my subjects. I long to record what happens in me when I study the forms and note the intersection points of shape against shape, colour upon colour and texture upon texture. I seek the hidden, the unspoken emotions, and the longings of the heart.

Nature speaks loud and clear to me of the Creator’s imaginative designs, innumerable variations, and exquisite renditions of synced intricacies. I offer gratitude as an offering of appreciation to be able to be a part of sharing natural beauty wherever it might abide.

What Our Clients Say

You inspire me with the feeling you put into your paintings


Demonstrates a real empathy with her students using her experience and personal serenity. A natural talent for teaching by allowing individuals guided creative freedom. A talented artist who teaches art…


You think outside the box


I like how you encourage us to find our own voice and to experiment


“Teaching – You create an atmosphere in your studio where the feeling and spirit of art is very present. Your extensive knowledge of art and art theory is generously shared…


You encourage the potential you see in your students carefully opening up avenues for them individually to explore. You are very inclusive you always look for the best and encourage…


Louise creates a warm, supportive and generous learning environment


A place of sensitivity, relaxation and learning