Exhibition Schedules


"Our Secret Garden"

April 1 - 29, 2021

At The Milk Factory, Pop Up Gallery Two, 33 Station Street Bowral NSW 2576

10 am until 4 pm, every day, excluding Good Friday


Please contact the gallery for all sale enquires 

P. 02 4862 1077
M. Jim Becke 0438 721 279

A secret is tantalizingly intriguing. It begs adventure and discovery.

 Come explore, journeying to the centre of my secret gardens.


Informative image

An enticement to explore and wander through a magical place

"Allurement I" Pastel on Wallis Paper  Framed Size 113 x 84 cm UV70 Ultra Clear Glass


Secret garden adventures often begin with a pathway. It may be a very ordinary pathway to the untrained eye, but to the seeker of a secret, it is the perfect place to begin the journey to wonderment.


"Laneway Treasures" Pastel on paper. Framed Size W72 x 56 cm UV70 Ultra Clear Glass


Informational Image

"What shall I find today" Yarka Sauce on paper. Framed Size W 56 x 46 cm  UV70 Ultra Clear Glass


Blossoms hang silently upon a branch but share their presence through wonderful fragrances. If you pass by not looking in the right place you could miss these. Not all blossoms shout with glee for all to see. Some are secretive and hang almost camouflaged within the forest.


"Soft Spring Blossoms" Pastel on paper. Framed Size 50 cm square


"Bare and Beautiful I" Oil on panel. Framed Size 24 cm square


"Bare and Beautiful II" Oil on Panel. Framed Size 24 cm Square

"Layers of Pink" Pastel on Wallis Paper. Framed Size 121 x 94cm UV70 Ultra Clear Glass


When on the hunt for secret garden gems you might find flowers and fruits that overflow with abundant colour, and intricacies ever so special.

"Red Joy" Oil on panel Framed Size 29 cm square

"Spilt Colour" Oil on Panel Framed Size 24 cm square



"Pink Dance I" Oil on panel Framed Size 24 cm square


Informative Image

"Pink Dance II" Oil on panel Framed Size 24 cm square



Catalogue of Artwork by Louise Corke


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Additional unframed artwork will be available in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

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