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Hither and beyond pastel artwork


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Located in a private garden, this setting, beckoned me to create it into a pastel artwork, ‘Hither and beyond’.

Immediately at my feet water ran under a small stone crossing. The water was coming from somewhere beyond my sight. The origin of the water source was not accessible without trespassing and so I had to be content with imagining this detail.

The sound of water trickling in this lush green shadowy waterway had called to me as I stood on the stone crossing. Turning I had to peer through overhanging branches to ascertain the details.

This had to be painted. Patterns of light and shadow along with rhythms of colour met my painting surface with a feeling of joy. I wanted to go explore what lay beyond as well as enjoying the fresh trickle of water.

Image specifics

Image size: H 31 x 22 cm

Original Artwork in soft pastel

Original Art: $190 unframed

Exclusive of shipping

Technical Information

When caring for any fine art piece there are some pointers to consider. It is best not to hang artwork of any kind in direct sunlight so as to eliminate any concerns of colour changes due to the damaging UV rays of the sunlight. Any artwork or photographs framed under glass that is in direct light can also develop condensation under the glass. This may lead to damp concerns within the artwork. If possible, ensure a good flow of air around the artwork. This will assist in reducing any chances of moisture-related concerns in a humid environment. Avoid bumping the frames of artwork as this will impair the visual experience of the artwork.

Framers do offer glass options that provide a UV filter.

It should be noted that soft pastel paintings, require the least amount of restoration over time of any fine art medium.

To clean the glass on the artwork, use a soft damp cloth, never a dry one, and rub gently using an ammonia-free glass cleaner. These are readily available in most supermarkets.

Wipe your frames periodically with a soft cloth being mindful to wipe the top ledge of the frame. Dust will eventually etch into any frame, so removal of dust will ensure a long life for the frame.