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Beach Quavers


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The sand crunches gently underfoot as I make my way to the water’s edge. Pebbles of many patterns are draped along the foam left by the waves. I pick one up and turn it over in my hand. Its smooth surface polished by the repeated tumbling of the waters reveals intricate patterns that excite me. The soft lacey bubbles left as a residue on the sand from the last wave wink at me and offer a complete contrast to the pebbles. I am fascinated by the smooth pebbles, the soft bubbles, and the crunchiness of the sand. Collectively they create a wonderful contrast begging to be recorded and held tight in my memory.

Product Information:

Medium: Mixed Media

Size of artwork: H25 x 37cm

Framed size: H 52 x 63cm

Framed Price – $800

Exclusive of shipping

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Framed, Unframed