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“I feel so blessed to be able to share any knowledge and skills that I have learned over the years. As a trained teacher I feel equipped to ensure my charges consistently learn something at each session. I thoroughly enjoy encouraging, inspiring and nurturing all who choose the artistic pathway”


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COVID 19 restrictions has changed the way in which classes are presently conducted.

There are a few options at the moment

  1. Private sessions - one student at a time in the studio, maintaining social distancing rules. $40 per hour. Up to 3 hours at the one sitting is available. These are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Time slots are flexible each week and by personal negotiation. Consider coming once a week, or once a fortnight, or once a month etc. The lesson content is driven by you the attendee. Make contact direct to book a session Contact
  2. Zoom Sessions - Wednesday 9-11am (Advanced Foundational Students) and Thursdays 9-11am (Pastel class - all levels of experience welcome) $35 per session. Fees must be paid in advance to receive an invitational link to attend. Make contact for more information or to book a session. Wednesday sessions begin June 3rd, Thursday class begins June 4th, 2020 Contact
  3. Coming later in the year online courses. Watch this space
  4. Zoom Private sessions - $50 per hour. This option requires you to inform me of your exact needs (can be ascertained through email conversation and sending of images of your artwork) sometime prior to your booked session so that adequate preparation can be made in regards to having samples and aids to share with you at the session time. This could be a one off session or may lead to further sessions. Contact

External Workshops and Demonstrations  2020

Jan 13 - 17 Workshop Camp Creative Bellingen NSW "Pastel Adventures" Book through the Camp Creative Web site

March 17 Demonstration PSA Inc Sunshine Coast Group "Discovering the joy of gesture"                                                                                                                            CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19

May 16-17 Workshop PSA Inc Sunshine Coast Group "Gestural Portraits" Book through the Pastel Society of Australia web site              CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19

June date TBC Workshop Albany Art Group WA      CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19

September 9-13  Workshops and Demonstration Australian Pastel Expo "Creating relaxed garden scapes", "Creating interesting ways to move within a painting" and "Palette knife pastels" Book through the Australian Pastel Expo web site    CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19

Oct/Nov Classes Coochie Island Art Group        CONFIRMED

Art Tours 2020

May - Kimberleys Western Australia Full details available now:


Colours of Kimberley PDF 

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My pastels and paints dance! Let me explain… I consider painting like a dance that is pure gestural expression. I marry my heart to my hand and together they speak visual music. Sometimes the beauty, colours and light play are over whelming and I am forced to blurt the information onto the surface in quick strokes saying just enough about how I am feeling towards my subject rather than telling what my subject looks like. At other times I linger and drink in all that I perceive and gently caress the painting surface with delicate information out of pure respect and amazement. The dance on the surface is always unique, rhythmic yes, but not contrived. It must be genuine, it must express my inner most responses, and it must be mine and mine alone. Though I dance alone, I dance so others can enjoy and palpate the emotions of my visual music.