Scottish Vision

Scottish Vision


Size of artwork: H 53 x W 90 cm

Medium: Soft Pastel

Unframed Price – $1200

Shipping and Posting

Domestic – $60

International – $120



Travelling along the northern shore of the Scottish Highlands I came across this stunning scene. Sunshine filled the sky and shone ever so brightly upon the landscape before me, but only in specific spots. The clouds danced and played across the scene. Upon exiting the car I turned behind me to be faced with light snowflakes drifting down onto my coat and a sky the exact opposite to the stunning vision in front of me. I quickly took a photo as the snow closed in around me and the vision of sunshine and blue sky vanished before me.

Unframed Price - $1200

Shipping and Posting

Domestic - $60

International - $120


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