Enchanted woods

It was a beautiful sunny day. The air had a distinct chill providing a crisp clear experience.
We were in Scotland and our itinerary scheduled us to visit Benmore Gardens, not far from Dunoon, northwest of Glasgow.
On entering the gates of Benmore we were instantly drawn into the heart of the garden. Silence was our overwhelmed response. I remember wandering in a daze of admiration through the tallest of trees. I found myself gliding down pathways visually led on by an amazing abundance of healthy lush plant life each with their very own draw card. Some were in full bloom adding splashes of colour accents that shouted beauty. Others had an amazing textural quality. Some had delicacy, whilst others had immense size. Then I turned a corner and discovered the “Enchanted Woods”
My breath was taken away. I stood transfixed expecting to see an elf pop out from behind the twisted forms. I felt as if I was literally in a fairy tale. The softness of the mossy ground cover, the light filtering through the branches and the fascinatingly complex arrangement of forms all provided me with a visual feast. Mostly the intrigue of what might lie beyond held me captive.
On returning home I thought of this scene often. Five years later I put pastel to paper to revisit and enjoy this special moment. The intervening years allowed me to contemplate and re enjoy this time and to bring to maturity my response in the form of the resulting painting – “Enchanted Woods’, Benmore Gardens Scotland.
This piece is available ONLY as a giclée print as well as the original being still available for sale. Giclees come in a variety of sizes on both high quality canvas and water colour paper, so to gain a price the interested buyer would need to email me direct for a quote. Perhaps this could be worded: Available as a Giclée print - please email direct for sizing and prices. The $650 - which it is currently listed as - is for only one size option.

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